Pagereview browser extensions for internal websites or sites requiring sign-in

The easiest way to add feedback without interrupting your workflow is to use the Pagereview browser extensions.

These extensions lets you add your comments on any modern website even if it's behind a firewall or requires authentication. You don't have to mess with your website's code or work with a technical team to get things working.

Where can I find the Pagereview browser extension?

Logo Chrome for Chrome Logo Firefox for Firefox

I've downloaded the extension. Now what?

I've downloaded the extension. Now what?

If the Pagereview extension does not show up after downloading it, you will have to adjust the browser extensions settings to get it to show.

Installing and managing extensions on Google Chrome

Finding and installing Firefox add-ons

Click on the Pagereview icon to bring up the sign in modal.

To sign-in

To register / create an account

Once you've signed in with the browser extension and ensured that the extension is enabled, simply click on any element on the site to add a comment.

Disabling the Pagereview browser extension

To switch the browser extension off, click on the Pagereview icon in the top right of the browser and select the enabled icon to turn it back to disabled.

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