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Pagereview makes it easy to get clear, contextual feedback for your website with a single click. Identify bugs, share feedback, and review designs all in one place.

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A single place for all feedback

Collaborate on design reviews with annotated comments and feedback. Each added comment on the site acts as its own comment thread, letting you and everyone else keep track of the conversation in-context. Comment replies are automatically grouped right underneath it in a thread. Comments can even be archived once resolved.

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Suggest design edits and preview them

Use design modifiers within comments to easily test out and visualize a design change. Suggest copy changes, swap out images, add borders and margins, change the font size and color and more. Once a comment modifier is added, hover over and back on the comment to see the before/after changes.

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Keep everyone up-to-date without extra effort

@mention someone in a comment to get their attention. @mentioning someone instantly sends them an automatic email alert notifying them of the comment.

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Create dedicated review workspaces for different groups and different purposes

Each page under review lives in a workspace. Workspaces lets you group specific pages to review all in one place and lets you control who has access to the comments and pages within it. This enables you to setup dedicated workspaces with matching permissions as you see fit.

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Comment on nodes

Split flows into workspaces

Visualize changes

Collaborate with your teammates

Tag and Smiley all the things

Reply to comments

Mention collaborators

Control access

Share workspaces publicly

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