Website feedback toolfor cross functional teams

Accelerate website design reviews. Collaborate between cross functional teams. Deliver precise UX to developers.

Real time collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real time. See what nodes they are working on, respond to comments and react to replies.

Blitz review

Sometimes judging a book by it's cover helps narrow down problematic designs.

View device info

Identify device specific problems on your pages, and solve them. Pagereview provides all the neccessary information.

Share workspaces

Share your work with collaborators or even publicly. Get immediate feedback on your work internally or from anonymous visitors.

Edit nodes

Implement node styles directly on the page. Styles applied automatically when collaborators view your comments. Compare between designs, select the winning one.


Group page reviews in workspaces to help organize your work. Workspace for Design, Developers and Customers helps keep workflow organized.