Easily annotate any images, gifs, pdfs, or a complete website with your comments and feedback

Simply upload your files to start adding comments to them. You can markup any files with the format PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF.

Zero installations Start adding feedback to live websites, PDFs, and images without any technical support. Pagereview is ready to use out of the box with just your website URL or uploaded image.

Keep track of all your different image versions

All uploaded images stay in your workspace until you remove them. Retain historical feedback on image comments, easily revisit past reviews, and compare image versions.

Review both images and sites in the same place

Easily switch between uploaded images and site pages for a seamless design review experience.
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Comments auto include device info

Each comment automatically includes the device information of the user. This info captures the device type, OS, browser version and window size.

@mention anyone

Mentions make it easy to reach others. Mentioning your teammates in a comment sends them an in-app notification.

Anonymous commenting

Easily get feedback from anyone including those outside of your account. Anonymous commenting lets guests leave comments without needing a Pagereview account.

Resolve comments once done

Each comment has its own resolve status. You can resolve finished comments or unresolved comments as issues resurface.

Organize comments

You can add tags to comments to help you organize comments better.
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Search through comments

Don’t worry about having to scroll endlessly to find a comment. Easily locate a comment by using the comment panel search bar.

Better feedback with Pagereview.io No commitments. No strings attached. Try it and improve your workflow.


1. Do I need to provide my clients access to Pagereview for design reviews?

You can but you don’t have to. Each workspace can be enabled for anonymous commenting. Anonymous commenting gives your clients access to your workspace contents without needing a Pagereview account.

2. What type of images can I add annotate with comments?

You can annotate any files that are formatted as a PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF. Yes, even GIFs.

3. Are my files safe with you?

Yes. You determine how long your files stay on Pagereview and who has access to them. Click on the delete icon to remove a file once you are done with it. Once deleted, they are removed permanently. There is no way to recover deleted files and the comments on them.

4. How many images can I comment on?

There are no limits on the number of images you can add and comment on for any of the paid plans. Free accounts have a limit of 2-3 images in a workspace.

5. How many users can I add to my account?

You can add as many users depending on your plan limits. If you have more than one workspace, you can add the same user across multiple workspaces without it further increasing the overall user count in your account. User counts are based on the total users in the account. Free accounts are subject to 2 users across the whole account.

6. Are there any limits on how many comments I can add?

There are no limits on the number of comments for any of the paid plans. Free accounts have a limit of up to 10 comments.