‘Blink’ test your website and designs

Use Blitz to get first impressions feedback. Conduct usability testing based on what the user sees within the first 30 seconds.

Zero installations Start adding feedback to live websites, PDFs, and images without any technical support. Pagereview is ready to use out of the box with just your website URL or uploaded image.

Focus on just the first impression

You get 30 seconds in Blitz to pin placeholder comment boxes. Click on what stands out to you. You can add in your feedback in full when the time is up.

Edit website elements

Each comment on websites comes with built-in live edit capabilities. Change the text, adjust the margins, swap out the images, and more.

Visualize website changes

Hover over a comment to view the style changes. Easily compare before/after design changes without needing a lengthy revision cycle.

Organize comments

You can add tags to comments to help you organize comments better.
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Search through comments

Don’t worry about having to scroll endlessly to find a comment. Easily locate a comment by using the comment panel search bar.

Resolve comments once done

Each comment has its own resolve status. You can resolve finished comments or unresolved comments as issues resurface.

Anonymous commenting

Easily get feedback from anyone including those outside of your account. Anonymous commenting lets guests leave comments without needing a Pagereview account.

Better feedback with Pagereview.io No commitments. No strings attached. Try it and improve your workflow.


1. Can I lengthen how long Blitz mode runs for?

The standard length is 30 seconds for each run in Blitz mode. However, you can exit the current Blitz run anytime before the 30 seconds is up.

2. Is there a limit to how many placeholder comment boxes I can add under Blitz review?

No, you can place as many placeholder comment boxes as you wish while the Blitz countdown is ticking. Take this opportunity to add placeholder comment boxes on things that stand out to you. Do not worry about adding in the full feedback just yet as you have the opportunity to do so later.

3. Can I use Blitz review for website usability testing?

You can definitely use Blitz review to do your website usability testing. Similar to a UX blink test, Blitz review helps you evaluate your own website or design in seconds. Users in Blitz mode only get 30 seconds or less to point out things for review. In this short timeframe, you can understand what truly stands out to a reviewer, optimizing for feedback clarity in getting to the primary message of the review session.

4. How can I access Blitz mode?

You have the option of enabling Blitz mode per workspace. Once enabled in the workspace settings, there’ll be a Blitz icon below each existing page or file in your workspace. Copy the Blitz URL and open it in a new tab to start.

5. Are there any limits on how many comments I can add?

There are no limits on the number of comments for any of the paid plans. Free accounts have a limit of up to 10 comments.