Make real-time edits to live websites

Show design ideas without dealing with code or wasting time redoing your designs. Edit copy, swap out images, fix positioning on design elements and more!

Zero installations Start adding feedback to live websites, PDFs, and images without any technical support. Pagereview is ready to use out of the box with just your website URL or uploaded image.

Edit website elements

Each comment on websites comes with built-in live edit capabilities. Change the text, adjust the margins, swap out the images, and more.

Visualize website changes

Hover over a comment to view the style changes. Easily compare before/after design changes without needing a lengthy revision cycle.

Comments auto include device info

Each comment automatically includes the device information of the user. This info captures the device type, OS, browser version and window size.

Anonymous commenting

Easily get feedback from anyone including those outside of your account. Anonymous commenting lets guests leave comments without needing a Pagereview account.

Resolve comments once done

Each comment has its own resolve status. You can resolve finished comments or unresolved comments as issues resurface.

Organize comments

You can add tags to comments to help you organize comments better.
Cards Marvel SVG Cheery Prototype Handy Yippee Meaningful Handsome Web Dazzled Inclusive Zany Landing Usability Jewell Pain points Radiant Nimble React Finesse UI Golden ratio Neat Optimism Justice Celebrate Elegant Immaculate Ecstatic Design Openness Kindred Image Scrumptious User engagement Liberate Sensational Wireframe Persona

Search through comments

Don’t worry about having to scroll endlessly to find a comment. Easily locate a comment by using the comment panel search bar.

Better feedback with No commitments. No strings attached. Try it and improve your workflow.


1. Do I need to know how to code to use the live website editor?

You do not need to know how to code to use the live website editor. The editor automatically makes the design change as you make edits. Visualize any changes you make in a what you see is what you get (WYSIWIG) format.

2. What kind of website elements can I edit?

We are constantly adding new capabilities to the live website editor. As of this time, you can change an element’s text, border, background, color, display type, font, height, width, margin, padding, opacity, position, filter, and text alignment.

3. How long does it take for live website edits to show?

As close to real-time as you can get. You can see the changes as you’re entering them in the comment. Once you’ve applied the style edits, you can hover over the comment to instantly see the final result.

4. How many edits can I apply to a website element?

You can keep adding edits to the same element to change its final look. Previewing edits are at the comment level so be sure to apply style edits to the right comment.

5. Are there any limits on how many comments I can add?

There are no limits on the number of comments for any of the paid plans. Free accounts have a limit of up to 10 comments.