Easily manage your website and design feedback projects

Add websites and files into their own dedicated workspaces, grouping by function or target audience.

Zero installations Start adding feedback to live websites, PDFs, and images without any technical support. Pagereview is ready to use out of the box with just your website URL or uploaded image.

Conduct usability testing with Blitz mode

Enable Blitz mode in any workspace to do an extended version of the UX blink test.

Search through comments

Don’t worry about having to scroll endlessly to find a comment. Easily locate a comment by using the comment panel search bar.

Anonymous commenting

Easily get feedback from anyone including those outside of your account. Anonymous commenting lets guests leave comments without needing a Pagereview account.

Admin controls

Add and manage users with workspace user settings to ensure that everyone has the right access to the right space.

Better feedback with Pagereview.io No commitments. No strings attached. Try it and improve your workflow.


1. How are user permissions different on the account level vs the workspace level?

Users added to an account do not have immediate access to any workspace unless they are an account admin. Once a user has been added to a workspace, they can be either a moderator or contributor in the workspace. Moderators can share the workspace, modify the workspace, delete the workspace, delete user comments, and create comments. Contributors can only create comments.

2. What should I do if I have reached my workspace limit?

Each account has a limited number of workspaces based on the account plan. Free accounts only have one workspace. If you’ve reached your account workspace limit, you can either archive an existing workspace or delete a workspace to free up some space. Archiving an existing workspace lets you restore it in the future but you are not able to make any changes to is contents while it is archived. Deleted workspaces are permanently removed.

3. Can I share website feedback publicly and have guest comment on it at the same time?

Yes, you can share your website feedback to the general public and get feedback from others without a Pagereview account at the same time. Enabling anonymous commenting for the workspace automatically makes the workspace available to the public. If you’d like to share your work in a read only format, you can make the workspace public but keep anonymous commenting turned off.

4. How can I access Blitz mode?

You have the option of enabling Blitz mode per workspace. Once enabled in the workspace settings, there’ll be a Blitz icon below each existing page or file in your workspace. Copy the Blitz URL and open it in a new tab to start.

5. How many users can I add to my account?

You can add as many users depending on your plan limits. If you have more than one workspace, you can add the same user across multiple workspaces without it further increasing the overall user count in your account. User counts are based on the total users in the account. Free accounts are subject to 2 users across the whole account.