Clear feedback at your fingertips

Pagereview lets your team share design feedback without needing to leave your website.

Critical Feedback

Comments stick directly to your website elements. You know who, where and what.

Keep track of items

Resolve comments once they have been dealt with. No more loose ends, always on top of work.

Technical Information

Each comment includes the environment information of its commenter such as the browser used, operating system, device type, and window size.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Design modifier leaves nothing to ambiguity. Communicate your thoughts visually without writing a single line of code


Working on designs can get tough. It doesn't have to be.


Mentioning someone instantly notifies them through email or notification if they are online.

Real Time Discussions

Comments are updated in real-time. We won't let those moments of inspiration pass you by if we can help it.

Engage with team

Organize with Workspaces

Everyone has a role to play

Users can be added to multiple workspaces and even have different roles in them.

Share your work

Easily collaborate using public workspaces. Share your work with external teams without the need to login.